About – The Paradoxical Son

Faith for the Unbeliever


Faith must have the courage to honestly face its own doubt. Passion dies in complacency. Reactivity is but fearful avoidance. Growth happens in the risky space between. I'm here to be your guide.


My name—my full name—is Alexander Thomas Blondeau, but you can call me Alex. I am a theologian who is most alive among those who long to live a life of deep faith, but who feel like their honesty puts them at odds with a typical Sunday morning service.

This website is my way of offering help to people who are willing ​to engage this conflict. ​I know ​how painful this bind can be and ​the paralyzing effects it can have. I know the loneliness of feeling like a stranger in your own community. ​I​'ve ​been ​there. The good news is that this place is not the final word. And now that you've found me, you don't have to go it alone.


  • ​Do you get the feeling that the authorities within your religious or educational community can't be truly honest with you (or perhaps with themselves!)? ​I'm a theologian gone rogue. Let's talk.
  • ​Have ​you engaged all the material that your teachers and pastors have given you only to feel like your doubt becomes more intense? I'll help you see why the standard "apologetic" approach is coming at the problem from the wrong angle.
  • ​Do you mourn the loss of being able to hear the voice of God in your life? I've studied the theology and psychology of this event. Good news! ​​You might be ready to grow into a deeper spiritual maturity. I'd love to explore ways for you to reconnect with your spiritual center.
  • Are you concerned about the costs of being honest about your doubts? It's a valid concern. Any adventure​ worth living comes at a price. I'll help you see what's at stake.
  • Do you feel like you are losing your faith? You might be. And you might have to before you can reconnect with your faith at a deeper level. This can be a frightening journey. Seeing a ​compassionate face on the other side is often the key in determining how this transformation plays out.