May 2018 – The Paradoxical Son

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Into Wonder
May 30

Why Paradox?

By alexblondeau | Core Posts

There are points in life where the routine fog of “just getting through the day” is suddenly blown off. The vision extends and the sharpness of our surroundings pierces the heart with a longing ache that catches us totally off guard. In this moment we think, “My God. What is this? What have I done? What have I failed to do?”

Here one sees both the unspeakable beauty of life, but also its limits. At once it elicits both illumination and vitality as well as terror and fear. These moments can be shaking and transforming, but they remain moments. They pass, and we usually slide rather quickly back into the fog of the everyday, into politics, religion, and the typical cultural fare.

At the heart of every great adventure, of every great love story ever told, is this mystery that gives substance to all of our most pure desires and to all of our most inspired quests for truth and meaning. And yet, it’s too much for us. Better to live in the hazy world of the “taken for granted” than to risk being exposed in the brilliance of the light. What a strange thing. Is this acceptable to you? It’s not for me. This is the doorway… Continue reading